Do I create a page or a post in WordPress?

Do I create a page or a post in WordPress?
I recently had a question from a client on this topic. They wanted to include a response to a troubling local issue on their website, so that anyone who is searching for help on this issue online might be able to find what they need.
For this type of need, a website “post” or blog post is probably the best solution. Posts enable you to:
  1. create a “point in time” page on your website which is great for dealing with current issues
  2. create a special focus page that has the specific words people might be searching on in the title, the URL, the SEO title and the “snippet”, which all help Google and other search engines find your page
  3. include “tags” on the post, which in WordPress are also able to be found by search engines. So if you’re doing a post about “overcoming addiction to alcohol” you might include tags like “how to stop drinking alcohol” and “how to help an alcoholic”, which are both search phrases used in Google.
  4. share posts to social media and include an image that illustrates hope for those people who might be struggling with the issue you’re trying to address
  5. include a “recent posts” or “featured post” widget on your website that takes visitors straight to the most recent post. This helps to show that you are actively caring about your focus group and its current needs.