RedJanet Web Design


My name’s Leah. I pride myself on understanding your organisation and producing a unique website that will delight your customers.

To me, good design is about listening to your needs, and meeting your customer’s expectations.

Not just another code monkey…

I care about you and your business.

  • Experience owning and running small businesses over the years.
  • An eye for design, photography and colour.
  • Experience in customer service, software training, communications, organisational change consulting, 4 years design study.

Specialising in small web design projects

I can offer:

  • guidance and support to develop your website strategy and identify your target audience
  • an eye for design and images that “speak” to your website visitors
  • a focus on customer experience, ensuring navigation through your web pages is optimised from the end user’s perspective
  • experience developing website copy that is easy to read and gives a clear “call to action”
  • a mobile-responsive WordPress website with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder
  • graphic design elements according to your needs
  • tutorials, training documentation, and email, phone or Skype support to update your own web pages, create blog posts, and share to social media (or I can do these steps for you)
  • website integration with social media and/or email campaigns.

Why “RedJanet”?

The name “RedJanet” is a throwback to my childhood when my brother and I thought the name “Janet” was so cool we named a series of dolls “Janet” dolls. They looked a little like astronauts.

She is also a symbol of my early love of technology and art. Since childhood I’ve always loved computers, art and photography.

Year 11 photography assignment

I went on to study interior design for 4 years at Queensland University of Technology and earned a Distinction.

4th year design assignment

It’s this love of visual art and design that I seek to bring to my website design work.